The range of services I offer.

My Services

Coaching Psychology

  • Standard, Initial 60-minute session
  • Subsequent sessions booked as required
  • Extended 90-minute initial or follow up session
  • Discount for 6 or more pre-booked sessions
  • In person, on-line or telephone sessions
  • 1-time only, 30-minute session on identifying goals or making a decision

Hypnotherapy and Breathing for relaxation or to reduce Anxiety

  • 40 minute one-to-one session
  • 40 minute group session for up to eight people
  • Customised sessions for specific goals
  • Top up sessions
  • Self-hypnosis, follow up sessions

Dyslexia coaching

The impact, positive and negative, of a Specific Learning Difference such as dyslexia, is different for each person. Therefore, there is no one-size fits all approach to dyslexia coaching. After an initial, free discussion, I will offer a detailed coaching plan where I will work with you to build your own, personalised ‘tool and strategy kit’ and ‘increasing confidence’ sessions.


Psychometric tests are most frequently used by employers to identify strengths and areas for development and used in conjunction with performance reviews or coaching sessions. The information gained from a personality questionnaire helps build self-awareness and an understanding of a persons’ intrinsic personality profile , as well as an understanding or others and interpersonal interactions. In addition to the workplace, these tools can also support individuals in their personal development and creating life plans. Unique goals and unique clients require custom solutions. I can work with you to find the solution that is best suited to your needs, as an organisation or as an individual.