Psychologists have many years of supervised study and training in understanding all facets of human behaviour and working to Improve wellbeing and resilience to encourage personal growth and thriving. They are also registered with professional bodies.

Coaching psychology has emerged from a desire to bring positive psychology into peoples’ lives. The approaches have come out of the work done in the fields of positive psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and positively focused psychotherapy. As a qualified psychologist, I’m highly trained in using skill development techniques, positive psychology, goal-setting and motivational processes, and working with blocks to progress. I understand how our cognitive processes and physiology interacts with our day-to-day thoughts, feelings and behaviour and use this knowledge to help people identify their strengths and develop skills so they can live a more fulfilling life.

People often fear seeing a psychologist as they think they must have something very wrong with them or that they will be made to explore childhood or other traumas. However, this is not the focus of the work we would do together. A coaching psychology session is basically a conversation with purpose, where you can gain a sense of perspective and clarity and develop some tools to improve your life. My mission is wellbeing, not problem management. However, I am skilled and experienced in recognising mental wellbeing issues and knowing when to refer to a therapist.